Machine Learning with Python

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Are the phrases ‘it is certain’, ‘yes you may rely on it’, ‘reply hazy try again’ common in your predictions? Make room on your shelf for your magic eight ball and take this opportunity to see how Machine Learning can be a beneficial tool for predicting future trends. All with a bit more than oil and blue die. All signs point to yes as an indicator you will benefit from this experience.

Course Description

This Machine Learning with Python course dives into the basics of machine learning using an approachable, and well-known, programming language. You'll learn about Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning, look into how Statistical Modeling relates to Machine Learning, and do a comparison of each.

Look at real-life examples of Machine learning and how it affects society in ways you may not have guessed!

Explore many algorithms and models:

  • Popular algorithms: Classification, Regression, Clustering, and Dimensional Reduction.
  • Popular models: Train/Test Split, Root Mean Squared Error, and Random Forests.
  • Get ready to do more learning than your machine!

Prerequisites to take this course.

  • Basic Knowlege of Python Programming
  • Good Knowlegde statistics, probability, calculus, linear algebra

Why Conax Infotech For Artificial intelligence Training.

  • Training by experienced faculty.
  • Certificate after training completion.
  • Free WIFI for students.
  • Fully AC Classrooms with Projector.
  • 100% Job Assistance.
  • Interview guide and career consulting.
  • Doubt sessions and real IT working experience.
  • Curated study material with code documents.
  • Job oriented training programs, available in offline/online mode.

Artificial intelligence Course Schedule.

Track Week Days Course Duration Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 10 Weekends 15 Days
Hours 2 Hrs. Per Day 3 Hrs. Per Day 6+ Hrs. Per Day
Training Mode Classroom/Online Classroom/Online Classroom/Online
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  • Mohan


    I wanted to learn Machine Learning with Python, but I had no idea where to begin. Thankfully, I came across Conax Infotech on Google and enrolled in their training. They made sure I was comfortable with the Python basics before starting the ML sessions which helped a lot.

  • Shreyas


    Amazing Content Ideas!

    New Content Ideas Machine Learning with Python by Conax Infotech was a goldmine. The course provided fresh perspectives and practical ideas for ML projects. Highly recommended!

  • Riyan


    Incredible Content Ideas!

    New Content Ideas Machine Learning with Python is a treasure trove of creative inspiration. The course offers unique ML project ideas and practical approaches. Highly recommended!

Ajai Maurya
Ajai Maurya
Training Head

Ajay Maurya, a highly accomplished and experienced Trainer has an extensive traing experience of 15+ years. He carries a wide ranging experience of 10 years, with HP Computer, Oracle Technology, Bestech Solutions and 5 years into Corporate Training to serve as a trainer.

Machine Learning with Python
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