How to crack the Zealous Services Interview?

Sep 18, 2022

If you have decided to get a job at Zealous services in any field then you are going to enter a competitive environment. You should prepare yourself in advance for different challenges and showcase your talent. That's why to lower down your pressure we are here with how to crack the Zealous services interview.

About the Company

Zealous Services Inc. was founded in 2007 and is dealing with customer services. They are providing outbound services and inbound services at both domestic and international levels. It has not been much time but since its establishment, they are doing really great. If you are average in communication and looking to develop your skills more than you can give yourself a try at Zealous services. The best thing about the company is they focused more on learning and are ready to pick up all kinds of projects whether small or big and complete them according to customer satisfaction.

Process of the interview

The number of rounds will depend on the profile for which you are applying whether it is technical or non-technical. There are a total of three rounds of the interview which are discussed below.

Written test

The first round is going to be an online test where you will be asked some simple questions. If you are going to apply for the technical department or QA designation then you can also find some technical questions in the test. Your job is to answer as many questions as correct so that you can become eligible for the next round.

Group Discussion

In this round of GD, you have to express yourself to the most without actually abusing or overpowering other candidates. Your job is to point out your opinions on the given topic and put them in an impressive way in front of the interviewer.

HR interview

The final round is your face to face interview with the company HR. You don't need to be afraid or hesitant while going into the interview room. It's your priority to look confident and greet the interviewer with a smile. After that answer there, every question very politely and with honesty.

Some previously asked questions

Before going for an interview it is good to make your pre-plans. That's why to help you with the same we are here providing some common questions that are mostly asked by the interviewer at Zealous.

  1. Why are you looking to join this specific role?
  2. What are your career goals and how will this job help you in achieving that goal?
  3. Do you know about excellent customer service? Give your opinion on it.
  4. There are many businesses that excelled in customer support. Name some of them.
  5. Just imagine a situation where you are dealing with an unreasonable customer. How will you handle him?
  6. You may have heard about a sentence "the customer is king". What is your opinion on it?
  7. Why are CRM tools important for customer support? Do you know about them?
  8. How to use code first with entity framework?
  9. Speak something about you.
  10. Will you be able to work under pressure?
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