How to crack the Sutherland Interview

Sep 18, 2022

Sutherland Global service is one of the most known organizations and is majorly having back-office services and technical services. If you are looking for how to crack the Sutherland interview then it is the right place for you. We are going to share all relevant details related to the interview process of Sutherland.

About the Company

Sutherland is majorly known as the BPO but there are many other processes also which are running well in the company. There are many services being provided by the company in the field of technology and business process outsourcing. The company is having its headquarters in Pitsford, New York. Sutherland was established in the year 1986 and the founder is Dilip R. Vellodi. He is also the CEO of the company. There are many subsidiaries of Sutherland like Nuevora Inc, Adventist global services and many more. They are having more than 49 centers situated in different countries like India, Brazil, Jamaica, Slovakia, Morocco, Malaysia, Sweden, Colombia, Canada, Philippines, UK, USA, Mexico, UAE, etc.

Process of the Interview

The interview process consists of three rounds basically. The number of rounds will depend on the process for which you are selected.

  1. The first round is your online test where you need to give 30 minutes or an hour test just to check your basic knowledge and grammar. It is the elimination round so be careful while answering and try to attempt all questions with more accuracy.
  2. After you clear your first round next will be your technical round or typing test. It will depend on the post for which you are applying. For the technical specialists, you may be asked some technical questions which can be quite simple and easy to answer.
  3. The final round is an HR interview where the company HR will test your speaking skills, creativity, and thinking capability. If you do well in this round then you will surely get selected. We will always advise you to stay confident and interactive in front of HR. Don't show that you are nervous or hesitant.

Some previously asked questions

The list of questions is quite wide but here we are mentioning only a few and commonly asked questions that will help you in getting an idea.

  1. Who was your favorite teacher in the class and why?
  2. In your knowledge what are the qualities and capabilities that a team leader must-have.
  3. Which is the last movie that you have watched? Do you know its plot?
  4. What does your father do?
  5. Have you made any wrong decision in your life for which you have regretted it?
  6. Why do you want to take a job instead of higher education?
  7. How were your other rounds? Were they good or just fine?
  8. Why do you think that our company needs you?
  9. What do your friends think about you?
  10. If you get a chance then what are the changes that you would like to make in your college?

Note: These questions are taken combined from all processes and it is not necessary that you will be asked only the above question.

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