How to crack the Maveric Systems Interview

Sep 18, 2022

Whenever we go for any interview our mind comes up with several questions and this may lead to nervousness and lack of confidence. All those aspirants who face a similar problem for them we are here with a new article on how to crack the Maveric systems interview. In this article, you are going to capture all the necessary details related to the interview.

About the Company

Maveric Systems is a newly founded company and especially dealing with the technical departments. Despite being new in the market they are doing really well and building their own reputation in the market. They are having their research center in Chennai and are also having an offshore delivery facility. The basic services in which Maveric is working are banking solutions, the digital sector, data technologies, and the regulatory system. The company was founded in the year 2000 and the founders are Ranga Reddy, VN Mahesh, P Venkatesh, and NN Subramanian. The CEO of the company is Ranga Reddy. The headquarters of the maveric systems is located in Chennai.

Process of the interview

Being the new company in the market they are trying to raise their growth and hire those candidates who are having good skills and knowledge in their respective fields. It is not going to be that easy to crack the interview so you should be well-prepared even for the tough questions. The number of rounds is also variable depending on the designation for which you are applying. For on-campus placement, there are a total of four rounds of the interview.

  • Written test: You will have to give an online test where you will be asked some general questions based on aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal. You need to qualify each section with at least 50% marks.
  • Group Discussion: Another round is of GD where you will sit in a group and you have to discuss the given topic for five minutes with your fellow mates.
  • Technical Interview: The third round is to check your technical knowledge. In this round, the interviewer will ask you questions from the subjects that you have studies like Java, programming languages, DBMS, etc.
  • HR interview: If you clear all the above rounds then you will be promoted to the final HR round where he will ask some general questions from you like your family background, hobbies, academics, etc.

Some previously asked questions in Interview

If you are skilled in Java then there are high chances of your selections. According to the interviewed candidates, most of the questions are asked from Java and programming languages. Let us have a look at the questions that have been asked,

  1. Tell me the need of EJBHome object and EJBobject to access a bean.
  2. When have you volunteered at work in order to expand your knowledge?
  3. In Struts why do we use JSP as a view and don't use servlet?
  4. In .Net Compact Framework can you free memory explicitly without using the garbage collector to free the memory?
  5. As per your view, what is the basic difference between pessimistic locking and optimistic locking?
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