How to crack the Indium Software Interview

Sep 18, 2022

As the name says Indium is a software company that is growing rapidly in the field of technology. There are many colleges where Indium visit for on-campus placement. If you are also planning to give a chance to your career in this company then here we are going to share all necessary details on how to crack the indium software interview.

About the Company

Indium Software is a privately owned IT company that was founded in 1999. There are various services being offered by it like customer-centric solutions, product development, big data engineering and analytics, QA, etc. It is having its headquarters in Cupertino, California. Noah Data technologies Inc is it’s one of the subsidiaries. They are having their solution competency in technology, banking, retail, gaming, healthcare, education industries. There are various services being provided by indium software like predictive analytics, text analytics, product development company, test automation, Mendix development, blockchain development, software testing services, machine learning, descriptive analytics and much more.

Process of the interview

The interview process consists of four rounds just like any other company. We are here going to share each and every round in detail so that you can prepare accordingly.

  • In your written test round you will have to give an online test which will have different sections. You had to qualify the sectional cut off for each round so that you can become eligible for the next round. As there is no negative marking so you can attempt as many questions as you want.
  • Another round is a group discussion where you will sit in a team of five members and have to discuss the given topic. They can give you any current or general topics to discuss. The best part will be to talk precisely and up to point.
  • The third round is technical round, it is a face to face round where the interviewer will check your qualifications and technical knowledge. It can be a tough round but it will be better not to give up.
  • The final round is your personal interview with the company HR. He will ask you basic questions from your personal experiences and lifestyle.

Some previously asked questions

There are various kinds of questions that an interviewer can ask. You have to prepare yourself in advance so that you can answer everything with confidence. Here is the list of few such questions for reference.

  1. What are the effects of the plastic ban in the country?
  2. What are the primary features and benefits of the Java programming language?
  3. What do you think when a project should be declared to be closed?
  4. Do you know anything about different types of software maintenance?
  5. In which programming language are you fluent?
  6. If you were asked to review a colleague's code that they had written, what key things would you look for?
  7. In your opinion which method is best to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in technology?
  8. What are your salary expectations?
  9. In Java, why shouldn't you use strings to store a password?
  10. Do you consider yourself stronger in either C#, C++, Python or Java?
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