How to crack the HGS Interview

Sep 18, 2022

The Hinduja group is one of the largest management organizations which is running successfully in seven countries. If you are looking to get placed abroad then it can become a good source for you. To get placed in the company you should be aware of how to crack the HGS interview.

About the Company

HGS refers to the Hinduja Global Solutions which is one of the leading BPM (Business Process Management) organizations. There are more than 43000 employees working together in the welfare of the company across 62 different delivery centers. The revenue collected by HGS in 2019 is around 689 million US dollars. The company was founded in the year 2000 and is working under the parent organization, Hinduja Group. It is having its headquarters in Bangalore. There are different subsidiaries of Hinduja global solutions like HGS international. The chairman of HGS is Remi Hinduja and the CEO of the company is Partha DeSarkar.

Process of the interview

To crack the interview you need to pass all three rounds where you are going to ask some general BPO related questions. The basic key to crack any interview is just to be yourself, don't try to show off in front of the interviewer. If your rain real what you are then there are chances that you can crack all the rounds. The number rounds basically depend on the process you are applying but in general, there are three rounds.

First-round will be with company HR. He will ask some general questions from you like your introduction, family background, etc.

The next round will be with the process manager or senior HR, they will check your communication skills and will identify whether you are a suitable candidate for the company or not.

If you get selected for the third round then most probably it will be a telephonic interview or you can also go for the face to face round. This telephonic interview is going to be with the client and he will just ask some general questions like why do you want to join here, what is your qualifications etc. You can easily crack the interview if you are good at English speaking, confident and acquire correct skills for the profile.

Some previously asked questions

As HGS is a business process outsourcing company so you should be aware of some of the generally asked questions related to the BPO sector. There is no need to have a lot of technical knowledge. You just have to show your alertness and speaking skills.

  1. Why do you want to join the BPO?
  2. What do you understand about the business process outsourcing company?
  3. Are you aware of the inbound and outbound process?
  4. What do you mean by the shore and offshore outsourcing?
  5. Tell me about the different types of BPO
  6. Why are you looking to make your career in the BPO sector?
  7. Are you comfortable in handling the customers on calls?
  8. If a customer is not satisfied with the service then how will you convince him?
  9. What are your salary expectations?
  10. Are you comfortable with night shifts?
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