How to crack the Deltax Interview

Sep 18, 2022

Those aspirants who are looking for an experience, not high CTC for them Deltax can be the right choice. If you are having no other option or want to sit in the placement drive of Deltax then this guide on how to crack the Deltax interview will help you a lot.

About the company

Deltax is an Indian technology company that was founded in 2012. They are building their approach in various industries like E-commerce, banking, education, travel, and technology. The company was founded by Akshay Surve and Ravi Kabra. It is having its headquarters in New York. There are various services being provided by Deltax like cross channel advertising, universal media buying, universal tag management, Facebook ads, Amazon ads, attributing, Google ads, social media advertising, retargeting and much more. They are efficiently making a step towards the growth of their company.

Process of the interview

Aptitude+Coding round

You are going to face an online test where all of the questions will be in the form of MCQ. There can be one essay writing test to check your verbal skills. Another section under this test will be of Coding, you will be given two different questions from which you have to secure at least 50% of marks.

Group Discussion

Next round is a group discussion, in this round you will be given a particular topic on which you have to discuss with the fellow candidates. Those aspirants who will successfully show their creative and thinking ability will be selected for the next round.

Technical round

Technical Interview is one of the most important parts for any selection, here the interviewer will ask questions from your resume and will cross check your achievements and qualifications. Be sure to give answers with honesty.

HR round

The final round is the HR round where you are going to meet with the company HR who will take your interview. He will ask some easy questions on your personal attribute.

Some previously asked Deltax interview questions

The list of questions asked at the Deltax interview can be vast but we are here presenting some selected questions only. Although you are not going to face the same questions you will get an approximate idea about your face to face interview.

  1. Write a code to check if a string is a palindrome or not.
  2. Print all permutations of string both iterative and recursively.
  3. How to find the first non repeated character of any given string?
  4. Tell me how will you convert the numeric string in Java?
  5. Among the Char array and string for storing password which one will you prefer and why?
  6. In an array 1-100 multiple numbers are duplicates, how do you find it?
  7. In an array how will you find the top two maximum numbers?
  8. In a single pass, how will you find the 3rd element from the last?
  9. Give me two differences between the array data structure and the linked list.
  10. In Java how will you check whether the tree is balanced or not?
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