How to Crack Aliens group Interview

Sep 18, 2022
All those applicants who are looking to make their career or willing to work with Aliens group then we will suggest you to work on your goal and don’t look back. In this article we are here going to mention all necessary details on how to crack the aliens group interview.

About the company

Aliens Group is one of the good private construction companies of India. They are also dealing with the real estate services. It is a newly found organization and is having its various branches across different cities of India. Aliens group was founded in the year 2004. It is having its headquarters in Hyderabad and was founded by Venkat Challa and Hari Challa. Aliens group treats their employees very well and offers an average salary package along with experience and good growth. They are working with the vision of urban evolution and creates a passionate environment for their employees.

Process of the interview

The interview procedure is accomplished with four rounds and you have to clear each round with good marks.

Written test

In the first round your aptitude skills are going to be evaluated you have to clear this online test of 60 to 90 minutes. During the test you should focus more on time management. It is highly observed that students fimd the question paper lengthy so it is advised to answer those questions whose concept is clear to you.

Group Discussion

Next round is your GD round, it is one of the most important rounds where your basic skills are test. With GD the recruiters will examine your analytical, decision making, problem solving, critical thinking skills. It will be more good to stay confident and show your positive attitude.

Technical round

Another round is technical round which is for the candidates who are applying for technical profile. It will be a face to face round where the interviewer can ask questions on any topic which you prefer like sql, java, programming etc.

HR round

Last round is going to be with the company HR where he will ask you questions related to your personal life, likes, dislikes, family background and so on.

Some previously asked questions

We are going to discuss about some of the questions which has been asked in the interview rounds of Aliens group company. These questions are taken from both written test and face to face rounds. So, you can simply get an idea about the type of questions which are going to be asked by the interviewer.

  1. What are your opinion about the content alignment in wpf?
  2. In terms of power and bandwidth among the angle and amplitude modulation which one is better?
  3. What is the need of dependency injection?
  4. Tell me how will you treat NULL in sql?
  5. Explain briefly about the tube heat exchanger and shell.
  6. How would you maintain employee retaining?
  7. Tell me briefly about your family background and what your mother and father do?
  8. What is crank length in slab?
  9. Are you comfortable with relocation?
  10. What is your salary expectations?
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